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Culture of Ludhiana

Founded by the Lodhi Dynasty and formerly known by the name of Lodhiana, Ludhiana is the largest district of Punjab state. It is situated at a distance of just about 100kms from its capital city, Chandigarh. Ludhiana stands besides the banks of River Sutlej and is more commonly known as the NRI district of Punjab as a large part of its populace lives abroad, mostly in Canada and Unites States of America.

Art and Craft in Ludhiana

Having witnessed a prosperous cultural legacy, Ludhiana is famed for its art and crafts. Not only is this city, the entire state of Punjab famous for its traditional and decorative handicrafts and designs. The best place to see some of them are the museums.
Phulkari, an embroidery technique, is the forte of Punjab. You can find beautiful dupattas, shawls and suits with phulkari embroidery on it. 

Art and Craft in Ludhiana

Another archetypal example of this art and craft is that the women of Punjab have a liking for splashing their walls with mud and carve the plants, ferns and a lot of other intriguing elements in it. Punjabis have also acquired a fairly high degree of expertise in the creation the stylish multicolored paper pots which can be used to stock up different items of the household. Recently, over the years, some people of Ludhiana have also started earning their living by weaving various designs on carpets with the help of straws of ‘sarcanda’ grass.

Cotton floor spreads and bedspreads, wall hangings and the needle work of Punjab are just unbelievable. You just can’t resist buying them.

Festivals in Ludhiana

Festivals and fairs provide a glimpse of the cultural legacy and the lives of the people. Festivals have always been celebrated with much fanaticism and dynamism in Ludhiana. For the people, these festivals are a means to interact and enjoy with other people. Some of the major festivals that are celebrated in Punjab and Ludhiana are discussed below:


Lohri is the most popular festival of Punjab and is celebrated in January. People light a bonfire in their house and worship the fire god. All the family members bow before the fire, go round it and pour offerings into it. Generally, Lohri is considered to mark the end of the winter season.

Festivals in Ludhiana

Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami marks the beginning of the spring season. It is celebrated in the months of January-February. It is the time when the fields of mustard turn yellow. People in Ludhiana welcome the season and celebrate it with all dressed up in yellow attire, holding devours, singing, dancing and kite flying.

Festivals in Ludhiana


Being an agricultural state, it is quite obvious that the most important festival of Punjab is Baisakhi, which signifies the advent of the harvest season. This is also celebrated as the New Year’s Day in Punjab. Generally, it is celebrated every year on 13th April.


Teej marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Punjab. Dresses in their best of clothes and with mehndi on their hands, women meet to welcome monsoon and pray for the well being of their husbands. It is usually celebrated in the months of July-August.

Dances in Ludhiana

Ludhianvis, and all of Punjabis, are extremely fond of fun and enjoyment. There are many folk dances of Punjab, out of which the most famous are Bhangra and Gidda.
Bhangra is the most fun dance in which men dance on the beat of large drums, called dhols. Bhangra is also a common sight in marriages and parties in Ludhiana.

Dances in Ludhiana

For women, Gidda plays a substitute to Bhangra. The dancers enact various bolis and folk poetry and dance and clap to the beat of the drums.

Cuisine of Ludhiana

Ludhianvis are large hearted people and their food is just like them, hearty, sizeable and yet simple. Tandoori cooking of Ludhiana is rated as amongst the most famous cuisines all through the world. Chicken, fish, rotis, paneer are some of the items that are prepared by Tandoori cooking. Butter Chicken is the signature dish of Punjab.

Winter season in Ludhiana brings in with it the most loved ‘makki ki roti’ and ‘sarson ka saag’. Every meal is incomplete without a large glass of lassi, or buttermilk.

Cuisine of Ludhiana

Some of the dishes that you must try in Punjab are Butter Chicken, Meat Curry, Rogan Josh, Stuffed Paranthas, Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti.

In the city of Ludhiana, it’s all about money. All facets of life are labeled in terms of a person’s pecuniary worth. People here lead a lavish lifestyle. It is a city that never goes to sleep. People work hard all day long and chill out by partying hard till the wee hours of the morning. Kitty parties are a means for women to indulge in designer dresses and jewelry. So visit Ludhiana and experience this culturally rich city.

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